Thursday, November 4, 2010

Six Years Old!

Our kids are always happy when there is a birthday to celebrate. They are abundantly happy when there is a birthday amongst our own household! Owen turned the Big 6 on October 19.
The younger two and I took cupcakes into his class on his special day. Helen quickly figured out which classmates were which, as she has been salivating over every word of Owen's school descriptions since Day 1.

The birthday supper took place in the back of my truck, complete with the birthday banner and presents.Tailgate suppers are what happens when Daddy is playing in the dirt.Peanut harvest has most everyone wishing that their houses weren't downwind.
We celebrated with more family members later in the week, when I made Owen's cake. I had some cake batter testers in my kitchen to ensure all ingredients were properly measured.
The cakes had multiple tunnels in them. Can I blame my kids' involvement? That would be nice. Unfortunately, I don't need help to screw up a cake mix. Or Jell-O. All the same, I chose to decorate the cake after everyone under four feet tall was tucked into bed. The next morning brought a jealous admirer and an enthusiastic birthday boy.
We waited to place the dirt bike until we arrived at the party.

Happy Birthday, Owen! We love you.


Carrie said...

I loved the description of how Helen figured out right away who the kids were in Owen's class after salivating over information about school...Israel can't wait to go to school either, but that girl is ON it!! I also LOVED the picture of Jack with the cake. The lighting was so good and so was his expression. What a cool cake you had, Owen. Gabe would have been really jealous. :) Happy birthday, kiddo!!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a fabulous cake. . . you did a great job, as usual :). Jan

Sabrina said...

My boys love their nerf guns. I'm not usually into such toys, but let me just say that even I have fun with them. Great cake!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cake! Just awesome! You always amaze me Joyce!

heather said...

Joyce Joyce Joyce. Love that cake. You outdo yourself every time with creative cakes. Bless your southern heart to pack all those little ones up and make it into a fun party that Daddy can be a part of. You are a special & creative mom.

sherri said...

Love the cake as usual! Love that you still had a party even with dad in the field. You're making great memories for your kids.

Grandma Ruby said...

Wish we could have been there for the parties! Cool cake, Joyce. And gotta love that peanut farmer, in spite of all the dust he creates!