Friday, June 11, 2010

New Inspiration

I'm nearly ready to head out the door, but just had to share some inspiration. I stumbled across this idea last night, and can't wait to try it. My embroidery skills aren't that great, but they are fake-able. I'm planning to check out a (new for me) fabric shop, looking for ideas for Baby Girl's nursery. I hope I'll find something I can't leave behind.

My alarm clock didn't keep me from sleeping last night, but my late cup(s) of coffee did. I had some crazy dreams, one of which involved me pulling a very conspicuous hair out of homemade pizza dough at a make-your-own pizza supper that someone I refuse to name was hosting. I'm still cringing. Another, which I will choose to dwell on, left me with an absolutely fabulous idea for a new freezer paper stencil. Bright pink fabric paint is now on my list.


heather said...

So it's a GIRL??? Awesome!! Can't wait to see what you create for her.

sherri said...

Cute. I'm not at all concerned about your embroidery qualifications. I KNOW it will turn out beautiful. Can't wait to see it. :)