Friday, June 18, 2010


Little Boy Jack, in all of his inquisitive cuteness, had a mishap the other day. I didn't find the evidence until I was dropping him off at Grandma's house. In the middle of his nice play shirt, there it gaped--a neatly cut hole. Owen and Helen then informed me that Jack had been playing with Owen's school scissors. Who knew an almost 2 year old could use a dull child's scissors to such effectiveness?
I called on some dormant creativity to help me mend it. A rummage around the sewing room produced a leftover scrap of orange fleece and some perfectly matching embroidery thread.
Helen was concerned that I forgot the other eye.
Now Jack has a shirt to match his mischievous nature.


sherri said...


Grandma Ruby said...

This will be Jack's favorite--all his fault. Good going, Joyce!

Jodi said...

Absolutely positively cute. I love the idea and am ALL ABOUT getting the most out of our kids' clothes too! Leah loves prancing about in her capris or skirts made from ripped jeans...Yea recycling!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful proverbs 31 woman you are... I would have thrown the shirt away (aggrevated of course). You just made it fun and cute.