Monday, June 21, 2010

Yard Chicken

Instead of the expected dog or a cat for a pet, my children have one goldfish, Fred, whom they don't care about, and Henny Penny, the quirky chicken that roosts on the back porch.*

Henny Penny is a Rhode Island Red that was pecked to near death by the other chickens in the pen. Jason rescued her from their beaks and freed her to roam in the yard. After weeks of dazed, skittish pecking about the grass and keeping somewhat close to us humans, she laid her first egg. I don't remember where that first egg turned up, but she now has a preferred laying spot.When we hear Henny Penny's characteristic pre-egg bawk-bawking, we open the garage door so she can get in to lay her precious. Sometimes she even flaps against our sliding door to let us know it's time.

Following her loud post-egg clucking, the kids will check to see what she's produced. They love to discover that small, clean, warm egg. Jack shouts, "Hay-Penny AI!!" We pulled in the other day mid-act. We waited around, but she was too shy.

*We now have a kitten added to the mix, but it's only been two days. Pictures to come.


heather said...

Too funny Joyce!!! We had 6 of those Rhode Island Red's when we lived at the B & B....loved getting fresh farm eggs. (that was bk...before kids) I think my kids would love love if we had chickens too. :)

sherri said...

Hilarious how you know when she needs to "give birth". Cute story.

I was just thinking about Jack this morning...can't believe he'll turn two this week!!

Grandma Ruby said...

Yay for Henny Penny! Add a rooster to the mix and she may want to raise a brood! Loved seeing Jack and his response to egg-laying time--fun memories for this summer.