Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jack and the Great Grandparents

On our trip to Indiana over Thanksgiving, Jack got to meet his northern great grands.
Here he is on Thanksgiving Day with Great Grandma B, my paternal grandmother. We had a small feast at my Uncle Sheldon's house that day, and the sun was as gorgeous as my grandma. She has always been busy making things, from noodles to sock monkeys. She has a very generous heart, and loves to give creative gifts. One Christmas, each of us grandchildren got a box of our favorite cereal suited up in a towel "jacket" and washcloth "tie." Mine was Peanut Butter Crunch in a peach towel!

Great Grandma G took her turn holding the baby too. She is another fine lady, one whom I am finding I am a lot alike. She learned to sew by watching. Her mother didn't let her sew, but gave her housework instead. One day, her mother went to town, and grandma took the opportunity to sew herself a dress. After that, her mother let her do the sewing, and she never stopped. She is still sewing for other people, and one of her most recent projects was making two comforters out of memorabilia t-shirts.
Jack sure loved his great grandparents! My Grandpa G always gives lots of hugs. He sure knows how to relax and have a good time, too! I remember Grandpa G's had the best bikes at their house, one of which I could ride with no hands. I even have the scars to prove it.
And here's Jack with Grandma B again. She presented him with an Amish outfit that Grandpa B wore as a baby. We had quite a time figuring out how to fasten the barn-door pants! This is a treasured picture. Jack Herman was named after his grandpa Herman, whom we won't see again until we get to heaven. Alas, the outfit's suspenders went missing!


sherri said...

I love this post, Joyce. Some of the memories were new to me and fun to read. We are certainly blessed with some wonderful Grands aren't we?

heather said...

What sweet pictures Joyce. I love our childrens great grandparents too. Something I never had as a child. We even adopted your grandma Ida. :) She is pretty special.

Grandma Ruby said...

These are some memory-makers! What I wouldn't give for a photo of myself on a great-grandparent's lap! I think the greats look pretty proud of their little Jack. Somehow, we need to make sure they see this blog posting.

Deb said...

Joyce, I love seeing the pictures of your grandparents. The B's will always have a special place in my heart. If you ever have a number 4 and she is a girl you should name her after your Grandma B. I love her name.

Deb--currently obsessing over baby names