Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't we all?

Today I made a small batch of cookies so I could send a few along with the guys who came to hook up our DirecTV, and so I would have some for the kids that are coming tonight for a kid swap. (We get the favor returned tomorrow night!) Owen and Helen each licked a beater while they waited on the cookies to bake.

"I'm not messy!" Owen announced with pride. On a scale of 1-10, he was about a 3. Helen was an 8.

Their little kitten tongues cleaned the beaters thoroughly, and I split a warm chocolatey cookie between them. The mess-o-meter went up slightly. "I want another cookie!" Owen pleaded.

"No, you've had your limit, buddy," I answered.

"I want another limit."


Carrie said...

So do I, Owen, so do I. :)

sherri said...

a hard lesson to learn sometimes...isn't it? :)

The granola bar recipe sounds delish. I'll be trying that one soon.

Sorry I missed your call last week, Joyce. Glad you got the gift ok. :) See you soon.

krista said...

Hi, Joyce, sounds delicious. Sounds like you have been in the kitchen lately after all that sewing...what's next week?