Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Crop

This week Jason has been helping a friend plant sugarcane.

Acres and acres of cane.

The planting crew likes to start at 6 am, and it's all planted by hand.

Jay brought some home to plant. Why not experiment? We need something more interesting than a dead hydrangea in this bed.
This is the cane.

This is the joint of the cane.

This is the new root growth from the joint of the cane.

Helen sucked on a piece of peeled cane, which kept her busy all evening. I had visions of her impaling her pharynx. You know...don't run with a sucker in your mouth...don't run with a scissors...don't walk around and go up and down stairs with sugar cane in your mouth.

This cane is supposed to get very, very tall, so Helen will have an unending supply of the sweet treat.


Anonymous said...

oh sugar, sugar you are my...

=) so is it sweet to taste?

wimmajoon said...

Joyce, where can I find some cane to plant?!!! I really love getting starts from plants and transplanting, etc. I did not know cane was propigated like that! aunt wilma

Cottonista said...

Wanita--yes! It has a very sweet juice. You chew up the fibers and suck out it out. (This is not a delicate dessert to enjoy during a fine dining experience.)

Aunt Wilma--find a sugarcane patch and ask the farmer if you can cut some down, I guess! Plant it lying down in the ground, and it will sprout. (Or so I'm told.)

Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to a family dinner when we can all sit out on your poarch and chew\suck sugar cane :). Jan