Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Owen's Big Day

Happy Birthday, Aunt Les! Owen made his first stinky in the potty today. I would consider that a fine birthday present.

I feel like we've had a week and a half's worth of living in 2 1/2 days. Monday was monumental for Owen, as he saw a new pediatric ENT in Birmingham (a 3-hour drive one-way). Owen's speech has not been progressing, and we think there may be an issue that would require surgery, worst-case scenario. It was a comfort to us that Dr. Wiatrak has seen cases similar to Owen's and knew what to do next, because we have seen two ENTs in Mobile who couldn't help us. He is sending us to a speech pathologist that he works with all the time, and he will see us again that same day. We'll be able to tell from their imaging techniques what is really going on inside Owen's mouth, and whether he will need intense therapy, surgery or both. Unfortunately for Owen, it will involve a scope. He usually does very well on doctor visits, but he might protest that maneuver.
Along Jack Springs Road in Atmore. It was a beautiful day. Owen engaged his tractor's turn signal when we made turns, and hollered, "Blinker! Blinker! Blinker!"
We stopped along the way, and tried to make it a fun day. Here's Owen checking out the Auburn merchandise at Priester's Pecans along I-65. This little bear played the fight song, and then said, "War Eagle!"Sampling chocolate is what we do best.

Waiting for Mommy at Priester's.
The slide at McDonald's. We're going there for supper tonight again, thanks to Owen dropping a #2 in the can.
Dr. Wiatrak's waiting room had one of the best toys I've ever seen--the cars were operated by a magnet from underneath.
He finally fell asleep at 5:00 on the way home.

Jason tried to get a picture of this famous sign on North I-65. The final phrase, obscured by the guardrail, reads, "or the devil will get you." Makes you wonder how many people have gotten saved as a result?
A present for our baby, found at Priester's. Gotta start 'em young!
And a present for myself. I found it on clearance for $5.00. I had seen similar bowls at Wrapables when I ordered a shower curtain last year. It just makes me smile.
Since we started yesterday with Owen's potty training, I suppose I should be eating every meal out of this bowl.


Ann Marie said...

Oh, Joyce! I'm so jealous about Owen's first success at #2. My stubborn 3-year-old just can't (or won't) figure that part of potty-training out. He's doing pretty well with other other part.

heather said...

Good for Owen! What a day at the Dr. with a 3 hour drive one way. THat's pretty cool how you made a fun day out of it on the way. With shopping and McD's. Looks like you got some great finds for you and the babe. :)

Happy potty training. Welcome to the club.

krista said...

Good to hear you got to visit the doc. Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

What a cool dude you got there! He looks like he was having lots of fun. Leo has got to get a close look at those pacifiers when they are in use. :) How could he resist the Auburn symbol on what I know is going to be a sweet face. :) Rosanna

Sherri said...

Way to drop the bombs, Owen! I'm so proud of deserve a treat at Mcdonald's.

I love Priester's! We usually stop there when we come to see you. Great samples!

Lisa m. said...

Glad to hear that Owen had a good day! I espcially like the Mommy Bowl. I think I would eat out of it every day!

Sabrina said...

I'm glad you found an ENT doctor you like. A doctor you can trust is a wonderful thing.

Way to go on the toilet training! Please pass along any tips. I'm dreading that part of being a mother.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Owen!!!! I like the pacifiers Joyce. . I had one for Brian but he was already attached to his other one and wouldn't use it :(. The mommy bowl is awesome! Jan

Anonymous said...

the magnet car toy is the greatest, i have many memories of playing it w/ gerica. so sorry to hear owen will have to go through the fun!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry our ENT in Mobile couldn't help, but I am glad you found one at last! Let me know what happens...
So glad about Owen's potty activities. Do you think he knows he's blog "convo"? Joanne