Monday, March 3, 2008

Feeling better

We are all better from being sick, except for nasty hacking, dry coughs. The kids have that bossy attitude that follows sickness, but we'll survive.

A few pictures from this week:
Munching on frozen blueberries.

Munching on an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Somehow I think she looks like my baby brother Lyndon in this picture.
Cooking along with Rachael Ray, using cutting edge toy technology, thanks to my mom. Helen and Owen had a fight over who got to push the red Member's Mark "button" on top. They invented that one.
New shoes. Jason wondered if they came with ear plugs. They're the clicky-clacky kind that every little girl loves.

New dress made by her mama. The buttons on the front are pre'y (pretty). Anything with a flower or a bright color is pre'y.


kristinbucher said...

Cute, cute pics! Thanks for sharing. We're really excited to see you all in several weeks. Yes, we're excited to see all of you, but also looking forward to being in warmer weather. (Although today it's not to bad here...60 degrees.)


Sherri said...

Glad you're feeling better again. Great pictures of the kids...Helen has grown since the last ones I've seen.

By the way the chicken gumbo turned out great! =)

Carrie said...

She's pretty pre'y herself!!! A new dress and new shoes always makes for a happy girl.

Anonymous said...

Helen is so pretty. You can jsut see the love she has for her new dress and shoes. What a cutie! Grnadma loves her dearly.

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes. .but will she leave them on :)?? Jan

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Sorry you've all been sick. It's going around Mobile too. Business note: The governor has decided to take $3 million from EI in order to fund the PreK Program! I am all for the PreK Program, but not at the expense of EI. After all, where does he think those children come from??? So, if you know anyone in Congress, a Representative, a Senator, please write them or email them and tell them that we need our EI money desperately and taking funds away can compromise our system....Thanks so much, Joanne
PS...You write so well, I thought I'd get you involved!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, cute kids....
I linked to your blogspot from the allfreecrafts website where I was looking at your denim rug pattern. I've enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you don't mind if I come back! -Ruthie