Saturday, February 9, 2008

One thing I ask

If your spouse were in a different country, and you could only ask him/her one question, what would be burning in your heart?

Here's mine: Baby, where's the drill?


Anonymous said...

That's a question no Jewish American princess would ask!!! Joanne

heather said...

Why do you need the drill? What the heck are you and your mom doing down there??????

My question would be? Did you buy me a surprise honey? OR....when does your flight come home?

Sabrina said...

My question would be "Why did I let you leave the country without me?! Please come home!"

P.S. Maybe Jason will come home sooner if he knows you are using his drill. :)

Cottonista said...

Joanne, you never told me about your princess status. ( :

Heather, I know when Jason is coming home, and he knows he had better bring me a surprise!

I'm completing as many projects as I can think of and am halfway capable of--all surprises for the mister. It's helping time go faster. And I suspect he took his drill with him, because they were doing a building project.

Sabrina, THAT is a good question!

Anonymous said...

i think i left the drills at dad's house because he dropped his on the kitchen floor. belize is good but home is better and i miss my family. (and my air conditioned bathroom) watching other people's cute children is no substitute for your own. cant wait to take you out for valentines day.


Sherri said...

Sweet comment from your hubby, Joyce. Can't wait to hear about the homecoming & your special Valentine's date. =)