Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Purchase

I felt the need to get out of the house tonight, so I planned a family trip to Wal-Mart. Big stuff, I know.

Finally, the supper dishes were done and everyone was clean and ready--at 7 pm, an hour before the kids' bedtime.

And then a certain little girl got cranky. And since a certain Mr. had been feeling head-coldish all day and was less than enthused about the impromptu visit to Wally World, the family trip turned into an Owen-and-Mommy date.

Owen went into ecstatic shock the moment I mentioned the change of plans to him. And when I got his bank down and asked him if he wanted to take some of his money to buy gum or a treat, it was like the last day of school in a 4th grade classroom. He couldn't contain himself. Smiles and belly laughs and happy growls, jumps and hops and circles, attempts at throwing his shoes in the air....

He chose to sit in Helen's carseat instead of his own, and we grooved to Eric Clapton all the way to Bay Minette. We then cruised the store, stopping to smell lots of shampoo for Mommy, watch the fish for Owen and try on shoes for Mommy. Owen played with Mommy's Suave shampoo and conditioner and with his new Colgate Diego toothpaste. We bought "mahanoni" and milk. "Mahanoni" and cheese is Owen's favorite lunch right now, one he insists upon if his cousin Blake is at our house, and my pantry was slap out of the box o' goodness.

We pulled up to a cashier and I let Owen choose his treat from the aisle of impulse, since he was using his own money. I wasn't prepared for the choice he made, and I snickered all the way home. I don't know where he learned about Rice Krispie treats, especially the individually packaged ones. I don't make them myself, except for a batch of chocolate-peanut butter ones I did since Christmas. All I know is it was the biggest thing available in that whole selection--this bar was absolutely HUGE.

We stopped at Sonic, a drive in, and shared a coconut cream pie shake. When Owen put down his Rice Krispie treat, stopped slurping on the straw and started playing with the rearview mirror, it was time to go home.

He spent a little time dancing around, loving on his daddy, eating more Krispie treat and taking my picture before going to bed.
We wrapped up the three quarters of the treat he couldn't manage tonight. I guess my plans for his breakfast are made. (HA! That was for you, Mom.)


Anonymous said...

joyce, that story sounds all to familiar!! lol, to cute. and the part where he chose to sit in sisters carseat vs his own was funny. my younger ones also think this makes the trip much more special.

Sherri said...

So cute to hear of Owen's excitement and what a fun little date with mommy he had.

I think you made a great choice, Owen! You got the most for your munny. =)

You're a great picture taker too. Love you, buddy!

Sabrina said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I love those simple, but special times.

Lyndon Bontrager said...

Glad we got to see pictures of the festivities! Sounds like a great time...good thing he washed all those baseboards. =)

Lisa m. said...

Joyce, you didn't say if the cashier commented on Owen using his own money to buy is treat. Was she suprised?

heather said...

Sweet story Joyce I love mama and little boy dates too.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, you don't need Mom's permission to feed Owen Krispies for breakfast! The story of your evening out with Owen is sweet, and I'm proud of you for going. He'll remember all about the aisle of impulse next time, you can be sure. Love, Grandma