Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A few more hours...

Jason is getting home late tonight. It's been a long 9 days.

But I got a lot of stuff done. Mostly boring, nagging stuff, but I know Jason will appreciate it.

I did a lot of touch-up painting. It's amazing--simply living in a house can damage it. There were a lot of knicks and scuffs and a few pencil marks in the hall, kitchen, entry door and kids' rooms that are now covered over. Helen's crown molding is painted (after a year--snort!)

I sewed a simple curtain for one guest bedroom in the basement.

I sewed a (goofy) library bag that didn't turn out like I'd imagined but I'll use it anyway.

I painted my old toy kitchen cupboard and changed the hinges. Unfortunately, I didn't get the pulls changed. Something about a drill....and the wrong kind of screws.

I hung a shelf on a wall in our bedroom. I needed the drill to install sheetrock anchors--yikes, never did that before! I don't think I did it quite right, because the weight of the shelf is pulling the sheetrock anchors back out of the wall. Uhhhhh......sorry honey......but the shelf had been sitting on the floor for, oh, I don't know, months?

I tried to fix Helen's lamp, but I bought the wrong size harp. (That's the part that goes over the light bulb, that you screw the shade onto.)

I baked and decorated Valentine cookies, my favorite cookies in all the world.

And Mom finished sewing the top of Helen's baby quilt. It is cute. It is pink. It is hundreds of tiny squares all sewn together in random order. Just in time for her to move into Owen's green, red and blue room!


heather said...

Now please just get that camera back and start snappin' pictures of all the cute things you made and did. WOW!!!!

Glad Jason is on the way home. :) And what a sweet comment he left yesterday. He is a good guy!

Sherri said...

I'm impressed with all that you've accomplished in a week! I'm sure Jason will be too.

I've missed the pictures too. =) How about some pictures of that Valentine's date?

Lyndon Bontrager said...

Wow, you have been busy. So glad that Mom could come and help entertain and keep company. I am so glad she got the quilt done! Can't wait to see it and I bet she was glad to get some work done on it, too. Glad to have her back, though...

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny how many things you can find to be busy w/ when the husband is gone? now if only he'll notice it all...:^)