Monday, January 21, 2008


Last week in my medicine closet, I found more soybeans.

Last night in my freezer, I found some applesauce cleverly disguised as "juiced trout liver, '87."

Helen is expanding her vocabulary almost daily. It's almost scary. She now says:

all done (AHHH-DAH!)
please (peece or beece)
thank you (thay)
NO and no-no (these are extremely clear)
woof (a barking sound)
baby (bah-bah)
cracker (cah-cah) Uh....yummmmm....anyone?
and probably a few more I am forgetting right now.

She is transferring the use of her known vocabulary to new situations, and it's fun to see her grasping language as a tool. When getting her diaper changed last week (not a favorite activity on anyone's part), she signed and said AHHHH-DAH, thay! And just to make her point clear, added, "No-no, NO!" Saturday evening after supper at Grandma's house, when told to tell Grandma thank you, she shook her head and said "NO!"

Owen says lots and lots of things, but still only vowels and a few consonant sounds. When we work with him on the "P" sound, Helen (gloatingly?) goes "Pah! Pah! Pah!" Little stinker.


Kevvo said...

As far as the medicine cabinet, just be sure you make sure those really are aspirin before downing a handful.

krista said...

Unbelievable Kevin! It is a wonder she will invite you back.

That is so exciting about all of Helen's words. It is so fun to see what words come out first with each child, it isn't like a specific order that each child says. And we'll pray for you as you help Owen with Helen looking on...

Anonymous said...

Good thing Helen is so CUTE!!! I told the girls at work yesterday that Helen just makes me smile when I look at her. . She was even cute telling you "no" :). Her cousin Brian seems to be on the same track. . . those 2 might be a dangerous combination! Jan

heather said...

Cute Joyce. It sounds like you are talking about Suzy...when you describe how she says her words. Too bad we can't get our 2 little girls together they would have so much fun understanding each other. :)