Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's not just an It!

We found out yesterday that come the end of June, we'll be having us another boy!

Jason and I were surprised. We both assumed separately the baby was a girl. I was stressing out because we had a boy name, but we didn't have a girl name. Jason wanted to wait and see and didn't understand my NEED to have a girl name. This is so typical of us. He is so laid back it drives me insane. And I return the favor and get on his nerves by being on the north side of uptight (sometimes).

So now, it's official. Helen's room, the sweet little nursery created just for her, will be taken over by a boy. Thank goodness I painted it green, so after her stuff is taken out--sniff, sniff--the only thing that will have to be changed is the curtain.

Some days I feel like this baby is invading our little family. But then I remember that was the same way I felt about Helen before she was born. And now I can't imagine life without that little snickerdoodle.


Anonymous said...

Oh, just when I couldn't wait any longer! I just checked about an hour ago and there was nothing, so, glad I checked again. So happy for you and I just had a feeling it would be a boy, seems like the right order. Can't wait to meet him!


Anonymous said...

Congrats -- Jason told me last night and I was going to call today but got distracted. :)

I know all about feeling invaded by baby -- in my case it will be the study and life as we know it that go.

Maybe this is more normal than we think?

Sherri said...

Yeah! Another nephew! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Well. . .the boys continue to dominate the Weber family!! I've been wondering when you were going to update :) Jan

Anonymous said...

Cool! Another boy! Helen will handle being sandwiched between 2 boys just beautifully...And, you are THE best parents, so this addition is another lucky lil baby...Hope to see you next Friday in our town...Joanne

Lisa M. said...

Awesome, Joyce! I'm so happy about that you are having a boy! Now you can relax and not worry about finding a girls name. :)