Sunday, January 6, 2008

Odd Findings

Before our trip to Indiana, we had our small group over. While filling a bowl with ice for the drinks, I found some strange, small, round-looking objects in the ice cubes. I looked a little closer. Aha! Frozen soybeans. Thank you, brother Kevin. In my haste that evening, I neglected to empty the whole icemaker. Last night, Jason's parents came for supper and my father in law found a soybean in his glass. Of course, he accused me. Now why would he blame me first?

My grandma B. made applesauce for me this summer. Hers is the most wonderful stuff on earth. I know those who like applesauce tend to be particular about it. But, seriously, hers could win a blue ribbon. When my family came down for the kids' birthday party, they brought it with them and stuck it in my freezer for me. After they left, I got a bag out. It was labeled "rhino mucus". Nice. Tonight I found one that said "clam sauce 94". Jason looked at me funny, and I could tell he was seriously questioning my habit of hoarding little bits of food in the freezer. Thank you, Kevin.

So, Jason and I had a little revenge this Christmas. I had saved all the soybeans I found deposited in my house, minus the frozen ones and the sprouted ones. I gleefully slipped a bunch into their luggage and shoes and Jason sprinkled them into their minivan, or booger wagon, as Sherri terms it. Apparently we didn't do enough. Next time, Gadget!!!


Lyndon said...

oh, the family feuds! Are you sure it was Kevin that labeled that applesauce?

heather said...

So funny Joyce. I wondered what Sherri's comment meant by "presents" in the van a while back. Glad to hear how you got Kevin back, and got him good! Enjoyed the post. :) And congrats on the pregnancy!

Kevin said...

Nice labels on the applesauce, Leeno. I cannot take the credit for that streak of genius...wish I'd have thought of that! I think she finally found all the beans. Guess it's time for another trip down to replenish.

Or did she?

Cottonista said...

Thanks for the confession, Lyndon. You know you have a target on your back now? And I seem to remember that it was you who put the dirty diaper in our bed at Mom's. I guess you must have learned that trick from us, but unfortunately, I cannot claim the original idea.