Saturday, December 3, 2011

Helen and the Pink Poodle Cake

 Since it took a while to post Owen's birthday pictures, it was only fair to wait on Helen's as well.  Her big day of turning five began with a breakfast date with her daddy at the Anchor, then a trip to Mr. Joel's coffee shop to get a hot chocolate.  But he was out of milk, so he provided a verbal rain check for another special time.
We let Helen open her presents from us at supper that night.  She was gleeful over the jewelry crafting supplies and paint-your-own-fairy-statue kit. 
When we teased her about a birthday spanking, though, this happened:

Not one of our finer moments as parents!  Nevertheless, I rebounded with her requested pink poodle cake.  I have told my kids I hate poodles, that somehow they are a lesser degree of dog.  (Sorry Aunt Dot!)  Please don't send poodle hate my way.  They are just sharp and little and yappy, and I don't like them.  I guess when the Family Fun magazine featured such a cute cake, my little girl could not resist.  She had it picked out for almost a year.

Helen is getting sillier and sillier, and it doesn't have much to do with birthday parties and sugar either.

We combined her party at a family celebration at Grandpa's house.  She and her girl cousins each had a birthday to properly cheer.
I'm including this goofy picture for the benefit of viewing my side profile.  (And this was a month ago!)  Baby Boy is growing and kicking healthfully.
The cousins keep getting bigger.  I couldn't be happier for such wonderful nieces and nephews!
 And here's our little family.  Please excuse the crooked eyeglasses!  My last pair of contacts had torn, and I was still awaiting my eye doctor appointment.


Deb said...

Beautiful family! And I look at Helen's glee over her pink poodle cake and cringe as I see my future. Silvie is already into pink princesses. I keep trying to tell her about empowered women, but nothing can beat pink princess clothes. :)

greeneggmom said...

Nobody looks as good pregnant as you do! I love the family picture! Joanne

Anonymous said...

Okay Joyce, I forgive you--
you just had a "bad poodle" experience in your childhood. :)
Aunt Dot

Grandma Ruby said...

I can almost taste that poodle cake. Wish we could have been there for the party! Maybe next year?