Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Even though our Christmas decorations are already packed up neatly and tucked away for next year, looking back through our kids' Christmas pictures makes me miss the prettiness of the season.  After being surrounded by Christmas spirit since the day after Thanksgiving, I was good and ready to nix the clutter and cleanse the house of sugar!  Anticipating a baby's imminent arrival added to my angst.  By the way, the Christmas season and the last month of pregnancy are a perfect combination for packing on a few more pounds of "baby" on your hips and thighs.

Excuse Owen's head melting into the wall.  I had precious few moments to snap pictures, as we were late for church, and didn't take the time to adjust the window shades.  These pictures were taken the week before Christmas.  Helen's dress was a hand-me-down from a cousin, Jack's flannel an Economy Shop find, and Owen's sport coat was purchased from a friend of a friend. 

Jack is my snuggly buddy.  I'm afraid he's not excited about his new baby brother. 

Here I am, all glorious, round and sparkly at 37 weeks.  And yes, I hear, "You're not that big!!" all the time, referring of course to my baby belly.  Spare me.  I'm 5' 8 1/2", this kid is everywhere at the same time, and he's been baking in there and displacing my vital organs for a long time.  OK.  Grumping over.

Helen is her daddy's girl!  He took her for a day of present shopping.  In the middle of J.C. Penney's jewelry section, he asked her which necklace she wanted.  She said, "I have enough necklaces.  I'm ready to go.  Can we go to Bass Pro?"
My kids have no idea what a great dad they have.  He works hard to provide for us, he takes time to play with them and he treats me very well.
On Christmas morning, our family traveled to church in waves.  Jason was playing bass on the worship team, Helen was singing in a kids' choir, and Owen was accompanying on his guitar.  These two were so excited, and both felt very grown up. 
Jack felt left out, and was extremely disappointed not to be able to stand by the drummer on stage.  The extra PBS programming he enjoyed all by himself apparently didn't make up for it.
 At least Owen thought he was accompanying; he had all the motions down but none of the chords. 

Of course, Helen had to adjust her elastic headband right before she got on stage; thus the hair pouf.  Oh well.  It's just my pride.  Afterward, she told me she had admired her cousin Abby's skirt (extreme right) and her friend Kathlyn's dress (green dress, left screen.)  "I wish there were two dresses, necklaces and bracelets like Kathlyn's, and then we could wear them at the same time!"

We had a wonderful, warm, quiet celebration with family on Christmas day, participating in the awe and joy of the Savior of the World born so many years ago.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, whatever the state of your decorations!  May you have true Peace settled deep in your hearts.


Deb said...

Hey, if I had a baby coming, my Christmas decorations would probably be packed up already too. Your family is so handsome and can I just say that I am the biggest sucker for a little boy in a sport coat. Hopefully he'll catch on to that and continue dressing so fine into manhood.

shaunjoy said...

I'm so ready for the all the Christmas goodies to be gone -- Amen about all the extra poundage this time of year -- my pregnant being has an even harder time than normal saying no to all that chocolate. :( Perks of being a taller woman: We tend to absorb the appearance of a baby 'bump' a bit better!

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture of the kids! And love you in red~looks great with your dark hair. You are glowing and can't wait to see your new baby <3 Love you!! Heather

Carrie said...

I think Owen and Gabe would get along just fabulously. I wish they could live closer. Zion is my snuggly buddy too. He's still not totally sure about Layla taking so much of my time, I think. You look beautiful in all your glorious, round, sparklyishness. Helen makes me LAUGH!!! :) She looks like her daddy too. Love you dearie. I'm glad you had a great Christmas and please tell your sweet baby to be born on my birthday. The End.

Melissa said...

Bass Pro?! LOL Helen! What a precious family you have. Some time I will come to AL and sneak into your house and pretend to be your kid.

Grandma Ruby said...

I enjoyed the recap on your family Christmas celebrations and seeing all the sweet photos. Wish I could have been there to hear Helen's choir and to see Owen play his guitar. Also to give Jack a hug. Yes, you do have a wonderful husband, Joyce, and you are a mighty sweet mommy. Happy Birthday!