Saturday, October 15, 2011

Start the Bathwater

There are few things that grab me more than Jack-Jack and his dirt-lovin' heart.  He has a good habit of quietly playing on his own for long periods of time.  He also has a bad habit of silently wandering.  When we're not sure where he is, we have a standard first place to look:  beside the outside air conditioning unit where the mulch put down many years ago has finally disintegrated.

This fine substitute for a sand box isn't so nice for Mama after a rain, though.
One thing is certain--this little man earns his naps.


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! That kid is just so cute :) Melissa

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! That boy cracks me up :). Jan

Kathryn said...

Awwww - he is just toooooo precious! Oh and by the way - I guess you can see I found your blog again :) LOL

Grandma Ruby said...

What a great documentary on Jack-Jack & his dirt-loving ways. Love that boy!