Saturday, January 15, 2011

Late Christmas Projects

This Christmas, we filled stockings for the kids. As usual, I wanted to make my own version.

I found the perfect fabric at JoAnn, so perfect in fact that I bought more to make myself a blanket. I drafted a pattern for the stockings, and cut out and sewed one late at night while watching the latest Bond movie. Neither turned out well. I gave up for several days, then finished the other two later. Of course, each stocking needed to be marked with its owner's initial. And once again, no crafting supplies have my heart as much as felt and embroidery floss. Since I've learned to move when inspiration strikes, I scissored up the initials in between adding product to and blow-drying my hair one morning. I used a diamond-shaped cookie cutter as a pattern for the ornament, and frantically sewed them the day the kids opened their stockings.
The cookie cutter pattern gave me an idea:

A gingerbread man in the hand is worth two in the....cookie jar? This poor guy will have to wait a whole year to join the ornaments on my tree, since I made him in January during our Life Group's getaway to Pine Mountain, Georgia.

On our way home from Pine Mountain, we stopped in Auburn for lunch and some shopping. Do you think the kids love their new shirts?


Carrie said...

I LOVE those stockings!!!!

Lynette said...

Gingerbread person turned out very cute. :) FYI, I just got a pack of 100 cookie ornaments at DC, kind of with you in mind. Feel free to come and browse if you need inspiration on a simple scale. :)

Lynette said...

Oops - I meant "cookie cutters". Guess I got a little drawn into the Christmas spirit by your post. :)

Anonymous said...

You are SOOO talented! Love to see what you are going to come up with. Beautiful stockings! Melissa

Grandma Ruby said...

Yes, I think the kids love their new shirts. I love their expressions! The stockings and ornaments are pretty special too. Your creative spirit will get you through the winter months just fine.