Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9

What an emotionally tumultuous day. 3 months ago, we held our precious baby for 1 hour. We're left with a few pictures and memories. We don't have baby spit-up on our shirts. We don't have sleepless, newborn nights. The few rattles scattered on the floor are cat toys.

But we have a God that is good. Our future lies securely in his hands. Nothing comes as a surprise to him. Before Quinn was born, he knew her. He wrote the story of her life, and he wrote himself as the main character. Our arms are aching to hold her, but we know she is safe in heaven.

We swallow hard as we realize God has other stories for other people; it is no use to rant and rail. Our peace lies in accepting the path he chose for us, learning from his Word, and running into his presence.

And so we welcome with joy our sweet nephew, Bryce Andrew, born today, December 9, at the same hospital as Quinn. We plan to meet this new little person tomorrow afternoon. Congratulations, Brent and Janice!


Lydia said...

I "found" you through Eunice B. We had a little girl that was born 4 weeks ago today. She only lived 2 hours, but ah, the ache of missing her.

May you feel God near as you relive those precious moments with your little Quinn and miss all those firsts that you would have experienced.

Christine said...

Heartbreak mingled with ecstacy. That is a lot to handle. Kudos for being brave enough to do it. And, congrats on the new nephew.

Les said...

Just letting you know I read this.

"We swallow hard as we realize God has other stories for other people"

True and very mature perspective.

Celebrating and mourning at the same time stinks no matter how you slice & dice it. :(