Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love indoor cats! I'm not so much into flea-bitten barn cats, but I have to love those overindulged, spoiled inside cats that arrogantly stalk the house, claim a spot on top of the refrigerator or jump into your lap at their whim, as long as they purr contentedly.

When Jason and I were first married, I considered my home incomplete without a fat cat lounging on the sofa. My husband had other ideas. But later, because of his great love for me and maybe due to some pleading on my part, he deferred to me and procured a nice, big, orange specimen that had already been fixed and declawed. Mort was a great birthday present! And best of all, he won Jason's affection. Mortimer was famous for falling asleep with all fours in the air, usually when company was present. Unfortunately, when we moved to another house, he developed a fascination with the outdoors, and due to his lack of claws, fell prey to some roaming coyotes one night. It was tragic.

Through our ten years, we've gone through several cats, some with better personality than others. Bristow, a hunter at heart, had to eventually be banished. She caught lots of wild animals in her forays outside, and left them headless on our doorstep. The last cat we tried to domesticate was a disaster on four feet who couldn't figure out how to use the litter box. We never figured out whether it was male or female, so we named it Meatball and sent it outside to live. Meatball tried to cross the road one day, and met his/her demise. The kids were unaffected by what might have been to some a tragedy, but there was simply no attachment.

Life with a cat provides endless humor and entertainment, and we missed having one around. So when we found this kitten through a Facebook friend, we jumped at the opportunity.
She came just in time for Father's Day. We named her Mirabel.

So far, she is a very smart kitty. She easily passed the litter box test. She plays energetically. She sleeps curled up in the cutest places. She is very curious about bathtubs. And the kids love her.
Jack especially has taken to her, and will even refill her food bowl, unprompted. Here he is roaring at her.

Some words I have been repeating lately:

"Don't hold the kitty by her neck like that!!!!"
"No, no, NO!!! The litter box is NASTY."
"Stop dumping her water into the litter box."
"Mirabel has enough food now."
And our favorite--"Why is the cat wet?"


maren said...

Love this post! And what a beautiful cat! I find myself in a similar situation, "Zippy does NOT like to be laid on..." "That's Zippy's food-Are you hungry?" "Be gentle!" In fact, we've joked that our little one probably thinks our dog's name is "Gentle" because we are always telling him to be "Gentle" when he "pets" Zippy!

sherri said...

I'm not a big cat person, but Mirabel is adorable...and seeing all your children loving on her in the photos is very sweet.

I had to laugh once again when I read the memories of Mort...the extended version of that story I will never forget. :)

Carrie said...

Jealous. Want. Beautiful. Cuddly. Cat. whyohwhy does husband have to be allergic...self-pitying sigh...

That kitten is BEAUTIFUL!!! How awesome that she's a goodun' too.

heather said...

Me? I'm not a cat person either...but that little kitty is so beautiful. :) My kids would love if their mean parents would let them have a pet.

Grandma Ruby said...

Be ready for this cat to take over your house--she looks like Sydney--remember her? But what fun for the family! She is really a cute kitty. Love the name Mirabel.

Jodi said...

I want to hear the extended version of the story behind Mort! Or maybe not? Love the pictures! Kids and kittens. Two of the most adorable things in the world. Too bad this mama is allergic, because our kids need a cute kitten to hold and love on. Maybe then Jace would get a break now and then. Although then I would always be screeching, "Gentle with the kitty!" instead of "Be gentle with Jace!"