Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Jack turns 2

2 years! Unbelievable! 2 candles on that pancake! What? The days go slowly around here, but the years travel fast. On his big day, Little Man went out for the traditional birthday breakfast with his daddy. We had a special breakfast-for-lunch in his honor, since we had plans with our Life Group that evening. He nailed the candles on the first and second blows.

He loved his new dump truck that we found at Ross for $8. We loved that too. I made rainbow cupcakes for our Life Group's meal. I snatched the idea right out of the Family Fun magazine. Those cute little cupcakes got clouds of whipped cream just before being served.
We are so thankful for Jack! He makes us laugh. Doesn't that pose make your neck hurt?
More pictures of the actual birthday cake to come. Silly Blogger is acting up.


sherri said...

Happy happy big number 2, mr. jack! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Allison loved all the pics of Jack :)

shaunjoy said...

Elena says, "A Birthday Pancake?!? That's silly!" Those rainbow cupcakes are great!

Grandma Ruby said...

Hey Jack--What a special little fellow you are--so dear to us all! Looks as though you enjoyed your 2nd birthday!

heather said...

I love that little Jack. Happy belated Birthday little guy!