Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corn Harvest

This year's corn crop is taking a while to harvest, because of frequent rainy days. It was a corn year for the field in front of our house, and when the combine came calling with its unmistakable thrum, the kids answered!
They were in awe, once again.They had to stand at a distance because of obvious safety reasons,and get called back to the right side of the fence.
Even Jack was pushing his limits!
Unfortunately it wasn't a good time for rides, so they had to be content with just watching. But more plentiful combine rides should be in store when the soybeans are ready! And judging by how much work it was for their mommy to keep all of them safe while watching, their daddy just might have to find room for all three at a time in the combine cab! Ha ha.


erin said...

What a cute photo story!

Grandma Ruby said...

This is why Grandmas need to keep praying and guardian angels are ever watching.