Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Big Moment

Quite a long time ago, Owen set his eyes and hands upon a friend's toy, and as a result, has been wanting one for himself ever since. I researched the price, and since we didn't have a spare $50 laying around, we told him we wouldn't buy it for him, but he could pay for it himself.

Consequently, his chores had a new purpose! 10 cents for feeding the cat, a quarter here or there for special help to Mom, a Dollar Chart completed once in a great while when I felt like making one out for him. He got a little birthday money too, and that went in his bank. His goal wasn't on his mind all the time, so a few reminders were necessary.

Last night during a thrilling family outing to Walmart, the toy clearance aisle caught my eye, and when the children were sufficiently distracted by the fish and supervised by Jason, I doubled back to search for birthday presents, to be bought at a discount and squirreled away for the future. I couldn't believe it when I saw the long-hoped-for toy, ten dollars off the original price! It was even the color Owen wanted. I scurried back to Jason, whispered it in his ear. He carefully relayed the message to Owen, whose whole demeanor instantly changed from one of general Walmart-induced excitement to one of keenly aware, cautiously solemn, hushedly awed euphoria. He knew his life was about to change! He even told a lady in the freezer section.

We paid for the toy, on the terms that Owen would reimburse us once we got home. He could not play with the toy until the money was in our hands.

Jason performed The Counting of the Money.
Helen caught the energy too.Owen waited patiently, expectantly until the great exchange,
and then the green Leapster was his!


Carrie said...

Yay, Owen!!! :) How exciting for you!! Gabe would drool with envy... ;)

erin said...

What a great story! I'm proud for Owen.

P.S. I like your blog and I follow you now. :)

Sabrina said...

I enjoyed reading this so much. :)Way to go Owen, and Mom and Dad!

Janice said...

AAwww.. . .yay Owen!! He told me he had a leapster, but I was thinking he already had one and didn't realize that he bought it :)

Jen Bontrager said...

I love it! You guys are great parents!

Leslie said...

That is AWESOME!!!!
He DID it!
I think the photo of the money exchange is great! It's like one of those pictures you would see in the paper where someone is donating money to some good cause and they are standing there holding the check! Too funny! So happy your goal was reached and that his Leapster isn't pink! ha

sherri said...

That smile on his face in the last picture is priceless! I loved your method of teaching him about saving...he'll never forget that!