Monday, November 10, 2008

Helen Turns Two

Once upon a time, Helen was born. Fleeting moments later, she turned 2. Our little chickie-doodle is fast becoming a big girl.

She wakes up talking. She says lots of phrases--adjective, noun (Owen's football shirt!)--and is beginning to say more sentences--noun, verb, predicate adjective (Jack is funny!)

When upset with him, she refers to her older brother as Owen Darrell. (Pronounced Own DARE!!)

She is super ticklish and has a great belly laugh.

She uses the potty, although not totally trained yet. She wakes up dry in the morning. She will bring a diaper and wipes to me when she wants to be changed.

She is highly opinionated about her clothes and shoes.

She has sparkly brown eyes.

She loves to help Mommy, and, actually she is a help. She puts my shoes away and throws trash in the wastebasket.

She mothers Owen. She springs forward to do things I ask of him, like laying out new clothes for him, including fresh underwear and shoes and socks.

We had a party for her, combined with a birthday celebration for my mother in law and an early Thanksgiving feast with Jason's immediate family.

Here's her lamb cake. It was destined. Family tradition speaks. No gum drop flowers this time, I didn't have enough time or energy. The candy was for energizing all my nephews and my niece.

Here are the little munchkins at the feasting. They had their own table, complete with tablecloth--and place cards! I love place cards.
Here's the big table, after the meal, and after the de-wheating by Leslie. The wheat stalks obstructed the view. I was too busy to get a before picture. We ate by candlelight. A few of the tealights wimped out after dinner was served, but no one complained. Helen called the cake her sheep cake--BAA!!
But she wouldn't bite off the nose. She loved all her presents, especially the food. Big surprise. She was not excited about being pulled away from her new play food to go get her tricycle from mom and dad. In fact, I think her exact words were, "I NO LIKE-IT!!!"
The next morning was her actual birthday, and her feathers were back in place again.
And for a snack, she and her brother got to eat lamb cake (with milk!) on their new $5 yard sale find.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Helen!
Cute cake Joyce.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about her great belly laugh and sparkly eyes. She needs to be tickled when I see her just to hear the laugh and see her eyes light up :). Jan

ShaunJoy said...

She's the cutest little bug! Love the lamb -- it looks like it came straight from an old-fashioned storybook.

Carrie said...

Yaaayy!!! Happy Birthday, Helen! Looks like a great one!

Sabrina said...

Happy birthday Helen! What a great cake! Joyce, I thought my mouse story was bad, but you win hands down with your snake story. Gives me chills.

heather said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Helen you little sweetie pie.

Joyce your table decorations look beautiful!!!!! And the cake...well perfect. You really should open a bakery when your kids are all in school!

Grandma Ruby said...

Joyce, wish we could have been there too, but the pictures and story are next best. Love the lamb cake. Grandma B. would be so proud. Happy Birthday, sweet Helen!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Helen!! Can you really be two already?

Thanks for giving us a peek at the party...wish we could've been there!