Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Bad Pig

One bad swamp, rather--home to many wild hogs that feed off the crops. After weeks of late nights and early mornings scouting for wild hogs that have been tearing up a corn field, Jason finally brought home a trophy. He insisted I get out of bed to see this:

Thoroughly disgusting. And these are just babies.

He was probably returning the rude awakening, fair enough. I insisted he get up out of his Sunday-afternoon-living-room-floor coma to see this incredible cloud formation:
It was pretty cool--the kind of thing that makes you want to crack open ye olde Earth Science college textbook and study a bit.

In other news, Helen is much more loving and accepting of her baby brother Jax, as she calls him.
I just received a nice gift--entertained youngun's. Jason and I stayed up late Monday night to put a new play kitchen together for the kids. Their faces on Tuesday morning were worth it!

Necessary feature for an Owen-pleasing play kitchen: a microwave that goes ding. Try saying that to a salesman with a straight look on your face.


maren said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BABY!!! HOW WONDERFUL! Re: Those clouds--they are AMAZING! I'm passing the pics on to my brother-in-law who is a phd in meteorology to ask him about them. AMAZING! maren

Anonymous said...

the cloud shots ARE amazing! it looks like a storm brewing. would also like to know what it's all about.

i love the name jax! always thought if i had another boy that's what i'd name him. =) those big eyes make him look so much older than he is.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. . .those clouds are awesome!! Cute kids too :). I'm sure Owen is thrilled with the kitchen. Jan

Carrie said...

Poor wittle piggers. :)

Loved the clouds. And the adorable children.

Sherri said...

The pigs look nasty, but love the pictures of the kids! :) Jack is getting big way too fast!

Anonymous said...

Pigs, huh? So who got the fun of processing? Bacon, anyone? Love to see new pics of the kiddos, glad to see Helen is warming to the new situation in her life. And Jax is so sweet coming from big sister. Aaawwe. Rosanna

heather said...

What did you do with the pigs Joyce?? Did you at least get any sausage out of them?

Cool Cloud pictures. Wonder what they were. You'll have to post if you find out from Maren's BIL.

Jack is growing SO fast. I love that picture of him with Helen.