Friday, July 25, 2008

The five senses

If your five senses were present in room 541 at Children's Hospital,

You would SEE a normal-looking boy with a very bothersome IV in his left hand.

You would TASTE some pretty bland, soft food--Jell-O, mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream--doctor's orders. I'm not sure why the ham and cheese sandwich, French fries, over-cooked chicken, mushy broccoli and oatmeal cookies were on his tray, other than for the highly prized quality of sogginess that most hospital food achieves after being under a lid for a while!

You would HEAR loud snoring from a small boy. The doctor says that will tone down as his swelling decreases.

You would SMELL--well, in short, post-anesthesia gas. If only we could put a scratch-n-sniff feature on this post....

You would TOUCH some very sweet, soft, freshly sponge-bathed and lotioned little boy skin.

Owen ate a little lunch under Mommy's direction, then got very tired of swallowing, so he got some more Lortab. He then quickly fell asleep with the help of a back rub and a story from Grandma B.

We are forcing fluids down his throat and hoping to have his IV removed this afternoon. Probable discharge tomorrow morning. We are feeling the need to get home to our little girl and life as normal.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that post-op gas and breath :) . . . glad he's able to eat a little bit of food, even if its bland hospital food. Hope ya'll get an early d\c tomorrow and can hit the road for home!! Jan

Sherri said...

You described everything so well...I could picture it all. Wish I could touch and kiss that soft lotioned skin on Owen.

So glad that he has his Grandma B. by his side this week.

Praying that everything goes well tomorrow with his discharge and arrival at home.