Friday, November 9, 2007

The Helenator

Helen Update:

Turned 1 year old on November 3rd! (cake pictures forthcoming)

Has 14 teeth

Weighs 24ish pounds; haven't measured her length recently, but is tall

Wearing size 18 months (I finally figured out why she hated putting pants on--they were too tight!)

Has a mammoth belly

LOVES food

Wants to feed herself. Refuses food if I hold the spoon (unless it is something yummy like yogurt or cake)

Propels herself solidly on her bottom with one leg bent in front of her, and the other straight out to the side--this one she uses as a sort of paddle

Can stand alone for flash seconds, but is too chicken to try for longer

Cruises expertly

Walks when both hands are held

Is very curious about objects and how they fit together or how she can maneuver them

Is very precise with finger and hand movements, and will quickly and steadily move pecans or peanuts from one bowl to another. (this is the female selecting/shopping gene coming into play!)

Likes cause and effect--putting pegs through Owen's tool bench, dropping a play knife through the fingerhole on the train table and picking it up again, playing peek-a-boo, throwing her bear out of her bed (a Mommy game where Mommy throws it back)

Pulls as much stuff as she can reach off her changing table when she is done napping and throws it on the floor

Is learning to open screw-top lids (I had to clean up olive oil and Jason had to clean up Burt's Bees baby bee lotion)

LOVES people, and Mommy is a people

Loves to have people ALL to herself. (Doesn't like to share Grandpa B with cousin Kaiya or Grandpa W with cousin Brian)

Screams quite loudly, loudly enough to make Owen cover his ears

Screams exceedingly when her nose is being cleaned

Is learning to blow her nose

Is a quick imitator

Blows really cute giant bubbles (from her mouth)

Laughs very easily and smiles even more readily; has a fabulous belly laugh

Takes 2 naps a day, total of 3-4 hours and sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am

Is fast friends with everyone she meets

Her pet name is Stinkerbell (but not because of bad smells)


heather said...

What fun facts about Helen the helenator. Can't wait to see the Wheel of fortune cake. :)

Grandma Ruby said...

We love that Helen girl! She's a ball of fire rolling across your life and you'd better take notice! It was not fun to leave her behind, sleeping in her bed, when we came home from Alabama the other day. Grandma Ruby

Sherri said...

What fun to read this post after just witnessing many of these cute things about Helen last weekend. I miss her already! She's a precious little niece.

Joanne said...

Helen is too cute...I am so glad you shared this blogspot with me so I could get my fix of Owen (ator?) and Helenator...Gosh, I soooo miss y'all...

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. . .makes me want to tickle that mammoth belly and hear her great laugh :). Jan