Friday, November 30, 2007

Children of the South

Today for lunch, the kids ate rice & gravy and baby lima beans. They also had cooked carrots, but those didn't fit the category. Their Southern lunch wasn't complete; no crispy-sides-and-bottom cornbread or sweet tea. I didn't have any around.


Anonymous said...

baby limas. . yum! It almost sounds like an ACH lunch menu, but you would definitely need some fried fish and corn bread with that :). Jan

Sabrina said...

Do they eat grits? I made a mistake and bought instant grits instead of oatmeal for Isaiah. He was NOT impressed. He must be from the North.

Anonymous said...

I gave Danlee your blogspot so she could keep up...She's so excited to find out how y'all are doing...(did you catch my y'all, even if I don't eat lima beans or grits or okra or catfish!)...I can eat lunch at your place when you serve Northern food...Joanne

Kris said...

I love baby limas! I just bought some the other day. I just hope I can start to convince my family that they are good.

Cottonista said...

Jan--fried pork chops.

Sabrina--cheese grits are awesome.

Joanne--Thanks! I miss Danlee. and you! and Melanie!

Kris--lots of butter might help, but I even like them plain.