Monday, October 29, 2007

What's for lunch?

This past week has been one of those nursery rhymes. Old Mother Hubbard, to be exact. So what is there to eat today, kids? Yank open pantry-- Campbell's Goldfish Soup (Mama makes a gagging sound--it's just glorified chicken noodle.) Next day--Campbell's Golden Select Cream of Carrot Soup. Open freezer--applesauce. The next day--Tomato soup. Pears. Sorry, no more crackers, but we can crumble a bit of this stale bread into your soup and, look, it's *special crackers*!

"We are sick of soup," my kids communicate. Helen, who has never met a food she didn't like, sticks out her tongue to refuse any more, so that the spoonful of *special crackers* just lovingly placed in her mouth tumbles onto her bib and tray. Owen clenches his mouth shut and hides his face in his shoulder.

Yesterday Owen rediscovered our hot tub room. Jason's grandpa bought a hot tub for health reasons a number of years ago. He added a room, right off the master bathroom, to house the 5-seater. The hot tub is not in working order anymore/yet, and the room itself needs some work. It's unfinished, and certainly not air tight. So while I was putting on make up and overhauling my hair--I mean arranging my long, full, luxurious tresses--Owen played in the hot tub room.

This morning, while I was in the shower, he introduced Helen to the room. When I checked on them, I still didn't have my contacts in, but I could tell Helen had something in her mouth. It was that furtively busy, desperately trying to avoid attracting Mommy's attention look she had. I squinted and bent down. Mmm...good choice, babe...a dead, dessicated frog body.

Later today while I was scaring up some lunch in the kitchen, Owen was busy painting at the table. I turned just in time to see him sipping some lovely greenish-black paint water out of his cup.

Other morsels my children have sampled of late:

Owen's leftovers set out for the cats,

raw pizza dough,

and a green satsuma off the tree.

There have also been healthy doses of dirt and rocks on Helen's part. Do I need to buy stock in liquid wormer?

I am also finding field corn in her diaper. This is from the corn/candle arrangement I have on my end table. We leave it there so she can learn to leave tabletop objects alone. I think it's working.


Lyndon said...

Oh, Joyce, how do your kids get into this stuff? Don't you follow them around every moment to make sure they don't get any contaminated contents in their precious sweet little bodies that may lead to worms which may lead to all sorts of diseases?...

Good for you for going with the flow and for giving me a great laugh today...I think it is working, too!

heather said...

How about you and the kids come over for lunch some day this week Joyce? I will take care of the cooking and then after that we will drop the kids off at Grandma's houses' and we will hit the resale shops?
No, but seriously it is so hard to come up with creative and quick lunches. I often struggle with what to make. And my kids are real fond of soup either, however that's exactly what we had for lunch today too.

Joanne said...

Oh, I miss my Weber family! However, I love these Weber stories...I can just see Helen eating a frog body and then making those bubbles with her mouth!

Sherri said...

Hmmm, will we be having frogleg soup this weekend? It doesn't matter what you make,'s always amazingly delicious! Will the satsumas be ripe this weekend? Yum!