Monday, October 8, 2007

Get Control


A sense of humor is a good friend.


Anonymous said...

So, were you having a Monday too?? Maybe we should have got our boys together, and at least they would have had some company as they were getting control :). Jan

heather said...

Joyce, now this is the best yet! A VIDEO! I LOVE IT!!!!! It lets me get to know your kids.
And what mom hasn't had a moment like this one every single day of her life? I love the way you handled it, to sit in a chair and fold your hands. It was a great reminder for me how I should handle things next time. I used that alot with Isabella and it is a great way to remind your children to get self control. I love how Owen rolled out the imaginary dough on himself, after it was all said and done. :) Thanks for sharing! What a great pick me up to my day.
Laughing out loud over here, Heather

krista said...

Oh, do another video please! I loved hearing Owen talk and your voice, too! It was like you were so close. Where is my little Helen? Can we see her, too?

sherri said...

Loved the video, Joyce! Caedmon watched along with me and remembered, just yesterday, his session of folding his hands to gain some control. I think I need to try folding my hands some days as well though. :) Miss that little Owen!

Uncle Kevin said...

Did Owen got that rolling pin on the stomach move from watching his daddy do his ab excercizes?