Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Blur of Summer

Today was the first day of school.  Besides the fact that my inner worn-out mama is jumping up and down like a kid in a bouncy house, I'm left scratching my head over what happened to the last few months.  Other than the speed bumps of vacation, we've been at home, going ninety-to-nothing holding babies,
making dough,
  styling personal pizzas,
and baking a crazy cake all by our little self.
 We've been picking flowers,
picking noses,
 and picking footwear.

We've been buzzed by a crop duster,
scared delightfully out of our skins once 
 and twice.

We've lost teeth
and gained them,
drooling all the way.
 We've put up green beans,
sweet corn,
and gobs of tomatoes.

We've sneaked off during Daddy's Sunday afternoon nap,
  and mobbed him to look up the tractor classifieds.
 We've eaten many breakfasts,
 many dinners,
 and a little bit of ice cream.

 We've read voraciously
and slept soundly.
  We've been together...

a lot.

We've had a great summer, no matter the speed of life.  On the other hand, if my washing machine could talk, it would slap me. 


Carrie said...

:) Loved this, Joyce. :)

Deb said...

I met up with some teacher friends today and they asked me what we'd done this summer. It was hard to answer. We've done everything and nothing. Everyday presents it's own challenges and joys. I loved seeing yours.

Kevin Bontrager said...

Awesome summer summary, Joycee. Good times! Our kids will love looking at these.

Jodi said...

I loved that poem, Joyce! Especially the awesome pictures. You have such great kids. It was so fun to see you guys a few weeks ago. I loved Deb's comment too- We've done everything and nothing.
That's what our summer embraced too. Gotta love that family time!

Lyndon Bontrager said...

Great Weber household thesis. I love the pictures!

shaunjoy said...

Ha! Good post. Sounds like our summer...

So Landis isn't the only little one sampling ice cream a wee bit early?

Grandma Ruby said...

Way to recap your summer, Joyce! Every day can be full, and I know your days were. Love the photo trip through summer. Your washer is a gift and believe me, it loves to do those loads it was designed to do!