Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend at a Glance

Over Easter, our family met up with my parents and siblings in the Smokey Mountains.  We kids had put this surprise together a long time ago for my parents, who both turned 60 last year.  We gave them clues to the vacation at both of their birthdays, Christmas and on their anniversary in January.  It was a wonderful way to honor and celebrate them.  Here are a few of my favorite snapshots of our weekend in Townsend, Tennessee.  

These girlies were ready for bed before we ate supper.  All of the kids were excited to share the bunk bed in the basement.

Henry meets Uncle Lyndon.
 The pause for prayer before meal time. 
Luca!  What a great kid.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of her with her pajamas on backwards.  Her mama knows how to keep her from taking them off!

Terror in the dark, slippery cave.  OK, only my terror!  I was afraid one of the kids would slip and fall to death or dismemberment.  Here we were throwing coins into a wishing well, and it was safe to release my death grip on the railing in order to use the camera.

But doesn't it look just a little creepy? Cool, but creepy.

It took Jack a few days to warm up to cousins he doesn't see very often.  By Sunday morning, he was inviting them into his inner sanctum to play with his tractors.

Three little princesses.

Well, hello there, Handsome!!

Grandpa loving on his grandbabies.  

The girls.  We missed you, Sarah!

My Mommy!

Mom and Dad.

Jack minding his own personal space before church.
Sweet little Deacon.

The Easter egg hunt in Cade's Cove.  Who gets to do THAT?!  How incredible!

Me and my honey.
And the grandkids getting their surprises from Grandpa and Grandma--Easter candy!!  Who doesn't smile for Easter candy?

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Grandma Ruby said...

It was sweet to relive the very special weekend! What a wonderful gift you gave us for our 60th birthdays! Cannot thank you all enough.