Saturday, November 26, 2011

Owen, Number Seven!

I fully realize this was Iron Bowl day in SEC country, and our favorite team did not do well. Boo!  But these pictures have been stuck on my camera for far too long--over a month?! 

Owen had been wanting an Auburn football cake for his 7th birthday for a long time.  We went with the football theme, and Jack, Helen and I brought cookies to school for him to share with his classmates.  The girls got the pompoms, and the boys got the footballs, and this was all there was left! 

We had his party on a Sunday afternoon, when Jason was sure to be off work and it suited the most family members.  Owen was a little disappointed that there was no Auburn logo on his cake, which sparked a conversation about Mommy's limits. 

It's still so great to see him blow out his candles!  I'm proud of all the work he's done in speech therapy, all these years.  It's amazing to think about how God is using him, even at his young age and despite his weakness with speech, to speak truth to others. 

Owen also has the gift of rhythm.  Jason and I cringingly bought him a small drum set.  I put it together in the living room, just because it was more convenient.  It was so loud it didn't stay there for more than a few hours.  Back corner of the basement, baby!

Helen snapped this shot of me, the chief cake baker and crumb cleaner around here.  Bless her for documenting me in my weary-eyed, swollen, pregnant state!  Happy Birthday, Owen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! You look great! :) Melissa

Carrie said...

You look beautiful, dearie!!! Happy birthday, Owen!! :)

Jen Bontrager said...

You and that cake look fabulous!

Jodi said...

Makes me miss you!

Grandma Ruby said...

Proud of Owen & you, Joyce. Must have been great to see him blow out all his candles! He really does work hard at his speech, and I love his tender heart for truth.