Friday, August 19, 2011

Looks Who is in First Grade!

Owen was so excited to start school this year, and he is still excited after the first week and a half. He started his first day right with a pancake (from the freezer.) This mama is not in the habit of getting up earlier than 6 am to fix fresh-from-scratch pancakes for her darlings! I did put one candle in it though.
New uniform pants, new school supplies, new box of Kleenex and roll of paper towels! (That is NOT toilet paper in the Winn Dixie bag.)
New teacher, new classroom, new curriculum! We pray this is another great school year for Owen.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in 1st Grade Owen! Love, Melissa

Grandma Ruby said...

Hey there, big boy Owen! I know you will love first grade! I remember when I went to first grade--it was great! And that was a LONG time ago! Love you, Grandson!