Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Post: New Oven

Sometime in the aftermath of Quinn's birthday, when everyone was bringing us meals, I realized my old oven had quit. One friend brought me a dish that needed some baking time, and when she got here, my preheated oven was still cold. Since I had had absolutely enough out of that beastly appliance that continually heated up the kitchen and set off my smoke alarm, I wasn't interested in any diagnostic testing, and I'm quite sure had we had it looked at, any serviceman would have laughed himself silly over us. It was, of course, 32 years old. Not that that is a bad thing.

I have a second old oven in the basement, so I wasn't without a paddle, but after a while, the trips up and down the stairs to check on my food's progress got annoying, not to mention dangerous when I was carrying hot pizza back up the steps, blindly dodging kids and toys.

So Jason measured our cabinets and went to the appliance store. It's such a small wall space that we had only two choices in one brand--regular or self-cleaning. We did what any self-respecting, hurried homeowners would do. We bought the self-cleaning variety.

The oven had to be special ordered, since no other Atmore resident in a right state of mind would install such a tiny thing. Jason still had to modify a top cabinet to make room for the oven, and he hired a cousin to make new doors for it.

George the appliance man delivered our Frigidaire one exciting afternoon. I was happy, but immediately skeptical of one thing, the thing that had been bugging me since before the oven was even a twinkle in Jason's eye.

Sure enough. My favorite pans wouldn't fit. Not even close. Bless my heart. I had been volunteered to make a fancy dessert for a Christmas gathering, and I chose a chocolate cake roll. It had been a long several years since I had baked my recipe, so a few details were cloudy. I chose my smaller jelly roll pan, which was a mistake.
When you're pressed for time and have to make a decision on your feet, Cool Whip folded into melted chocolate chips is a clever disguise for a dessert flop. (I didn't have time to take pictures of the ugly-but-delicious finished product.)

And I'm still getting to know my new friend, who can be a little uneven tempered, and possesses an overall maladjusted, narrow outlook. But I bought some new pans, and everyone is making nice, even the smoke alarm, which has only squawked three or four times.
P.S. How d'you like my stairwell wallpaper?


Jeremy and Sabrina said...

I bet a muffin pan with chocolate chip banana muffins would fit nicely in that oven. Mmm... :)

Wanita said...

Oh bless your heart! :) That Is a cute oven! :)) ps. today i helped a friend paper one of her main really is back in!

Sue said...

Ok Joyce, how I got to your blog is funny in itself. You commented on my sis's Layla site, which my parents patrol like hawks on a mouse nest. My dad is learning how to navigate the computer now, but he clicks randomly. He randomly clicked your name and got to your site. He thought your oven story was funny, so he called Mom to read it, at which she howled unconsolably. I talked to Dad this morning and he directed me to find your blog. And I just have to say that I am highly entertained. Thanks for the chuckle at your expense, and you're certainly a great sport! : )

heather said...

Ahhh...Joyce I would be in trouble too! My cookie pans are just like yours ~and I have 5 of them :( I would not be excited about having to replace them all. BUT...a shiny, pretty, beautiful, oven like that...Is worth it! Why didn't you post that chocolate roll recipe? The wallpaper is a go. Leave it up! It gives character and I'm sure in about 1 year it will be totally in. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy that you got a new sure know how to use it! Yum!!!

Oh, I do love the wallpaper!