Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Uncle Phil's Trailer Leaves W-Ville

I am not the person to tell you the deep history of Uncle Phil's trailer and how it first came to the hill in Weberville. That blood, sweat, and tears tale, full of triumph and tragedy, belongs to someone else, namely Uncle Phil. My story of its parting with the family complex spans only a few brief moments of its existence, from the top of the hill to a quarter mile down the lane.
These house movers worked for several days prepping the site, yanking bushes and jacking up the trailer.
Finally it was time to move.

Through the yard and onto the lane! Glad it made the first turn.
Continuing its slow progression...
The first bridge!
Only to be stopped by a tree branch.
No problem!
That is that!
Back to the serious work of home transportation.
I think I heard a few soft creaks.
We certainly don't see this every day!
Off to new lands! May you enjoy steadfast ground and stalwart owners!
15 minutes later. Yes, it really is gone!


Phil said...

Looks like the final chapter was a triumph! Thanks for the photos.

Janice said...

Except that is not the final chapter. . . . :)

Livin'Life said...

Oh my goodness, does this bring back memories! We moved our "modular home" as they are called now, so many times growing up - lol - Glad it all turned out well!

webless said...