Thursday, November 19, 2009

Party I: Choctoberfest

Looking through my pictures, it would seem all we have done lately is eat cake. In order to avoid sweet tooth overload and a bad case of gut rot, I'll post the parties in installments.

The MOPS Choctoberfest was a chocolate party I hosted in October (if the title of the event wasn't self-explanatory enough.) MOPS=Mothers of Preschoolers. Hurrah for MOPS of Atmore, but that is an aside.

Choctoberfest was a blast, and we quickly decided it will have to be an annual event. That much fun oughtta be illegal. We loved being together, able to talk without being interrupted. It was a wonderful girls' night out on a Friday evening. And did I mention no kids were there?!

I gave prizes for the most chocolatey dressed, and let me tell ya, we had some people in all the brown they could find in their closets! I myself appeared as a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top, my creative description of brown pants and a white top. We even had some women wearing chocolate accessories, I kid you not! Tootsie roll necklace and earrings, Hershey's Kisses dangling from a bracelet and a Reese's cup foil-wrapped medallion necklace and hoop earrings! Their creativity amazed me. Quite a bit of effort for a nice-smelling candle, some chocolate-flavored lip balm or chocolate-named fingernail polish, mmm-hmm.

We also had some games, like NUM3ERS, where we guessed the number of Hershey's Kisses in a jar. We played Are You Smarter Than a Candy Bar? and guessed at unwrapped, non-cut candy bars. And of course, we had to vote for the new Iron Chef Atmore! We voted on the best chocolate desserts and gave out candy bars as prizes.

The chocolate itself was extremely delicious, but there was so much there that after we had served ourselves, we had made barely a dent! As we munched, the conversation slowly was overtaken by groans of too much chocolate, so one sweet and thoughtful friend popped a bag of popcorn she had brought for that very purpose. My sister in law really wished she had brought some chocolate-flavored Tums to pass around!

We filled plates to present to our families, those of us who could stomach the sight of another full plate of chocolate, and one by one, my friends left, all smiling, glad to have had a night away from responsibility at home.

I got my idea here and here.


Deb said...

I love this idea! I've been wanting a reason to have some girlfriends over. This just might be the ticket.

Jen Bontrager said...

How fun! My MOPS does a "Chocolate Passion" night over Valentines weekend that I think is similar. You're supposed to bring your husband for a date night, but Ben is not that into chocolate. I think I'll take Jesse instead because he is a chocolate fanatic!

wanita said...

fun! we had a chocolate party last friday night for a mom's night out. soooo much chocolate!!! and ours hardly got touched either =)

heather said...

That looks like so much fun Joyce. Your creativity astounds me. I loved the banner you made. Your table looked beautiful!!

Cottonista said...

Ooh, Jen..chocolate passion in February! I don't think I could handle this more than once a year, though!

Did anyone catch the Oreos that were arranged and waiting for the chocolate fondue? Oreos dipped in chocolate. Yeah. What kind of sick mind dreamed that up?! ( :

Kristin B. said...

Sounds very yummy! And I see Carita in one of your pics. Say HI to Carita for me. -Kristin