Saturday, October 18, 2008


Heather over at livin' the dream tagged me with this little number(s).

8 things that happened yesterday:
(I'm doing Thursday--it was more exciting, and besides, I was tagged on Friday.)
1. Jason took Owen to work with him until lunch. They hauled a truckload of peanuts to the buying point, then combined more peanuts.
2. I took Helen and Jack to the Health Department to get their immunizations. Helen got 6 shots and Jack got 3. Helen went first and cried, but was very brave. She almost cried for Jack's sake, too. She had a precious lower lip quiver and big teary eyes, all for him.
3. We went to McDonald's for a yogurt parfait treat for Helen. A lady behind the register gave her a Barbie Happy Meal toy, and a kind elderly gentleman sympathized with her shots, remembering the ones he got during Vietnam.
4. I went to Hudson's Dirt Cheap and found 6 large racks of new clothing priced at 25 cents a piece. I didn't make it all the way through, since I didn't see them until I had already gone through the $1 racks.
5. Jack screamed all the way home, since it was way past his feeding time. Owen cried too when I picked him up from the field. Helen fell asleep.
6. I typed like a mad woman after the kids were fed and tucked in for their naps. I do a little medical transcription for a local doctor, and I like to have it all done as quickly as possible after I get the tapes on Wednesday morning.
7. Helen presented us with a medical "mystery." I found a suspicious blister/sore on Helen's left heel and she had a low-grade fever. She had walked on top of an ant bed the day before, and they had nailed her right foot. But I had also found multiple brown widow spiders on our back porch this week--(freak out!) She had also had her immunizations that morning. Her nose was getting snotty. And she had a weird rash on her legs that had been there for a week, presumably from the cat. We figured out she had the hand-foot-mouth virus that has been going around--the weird blister and the fever. *Sigh of relief*
8. I served leftovers for supper.

8 favorite places to eat:
1. Red Lobster (cheddar biscuits)
2. The Original Oyster House (gumbo)
3. Mom's
4. Mom-in-law's
5. My house--with my family around the table
6. Greasy-spoon diners
7. Cock of the Walk (fried dill pickles and perfect coleslaw!)
8. Tailgate suppers in the field

8 TV shows I like to watch:
1. The Biggest Loser
2. What Not to Wear
3. You are What You Eat
4. How Clean is Your House
5. Uhhhhh.....

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. The end of the hand-foot-mouth virus in our house.
2. Going to Indiana for Thanksgiving.
3. Sunday--church, and a day off work!
4. Meeting our first baby in Heaven.
5. Losing the rest of this stupid pregnancy weight.
6. The next date with my husband (not on calendar yet.)
7. Sewing a dress.
8. Seeing Owen's face tomorrow morning--it's his birthday and I hung streamers after he was in bed.

8 things on my wish list:
1. A food processor attachment for my Bosch.
2. The words, "No, you go to bed, honey. I'll clean up the kitchen."
3. Unlimited $ for fresh fruit and veggies.
4. I wish I could understand everything my son says.
5. I wish Owen didn't have to miss his birthday party. (That hand-foot-mouth thing again.)
6. I wish genetic disorders were curable.
7. I wish I could take a pottery class.
8. World peace. (said with dreamy eyes and pageant hair)

8 friends I tag:
1. Whoever gets the urge.

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