Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Cliffs of Insanity

Yesterday was full. Today is full. I am looking forward to vacation--Grandpa and Grandma B love to help with their lovable grandchildren!

My mother in law and I put cookie plates together, on behalf of the farm. Jason and his dad are delivering them this morning to the busy businesses they do business with. I guess Hendrix Tractor will still get one, the dealership that sold them the ill-fated International!

On each plate are monster cookies, peanut blossoms, chocolate-chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, chocolate-ginger crinkles, chocolate-almond spritz, Rice Krispie squares, candy cane fudge, decorated gingerbread cookies and dipped pretzel sticks. Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate were added later.

Last night, our family opened presents after a candlelit meal of fish sticks and tater tots. (My family's old tradition.) We also added potato chips to the menu. Hey, if you wanna make it fun for the kids... Besides, we don't normally eat that kind of food, so a little part of me gets excited too at the delicious goodness of cruising through the frozen section at the grocery store, and the indulgence of potato chips...yum.

Helen got an "H" pillow, made by Mommy out of hot pink velour. She also got a supercute set of stainless steel pots, pans and utensils, which was were the hit of the evening with both kids. Mommy got a toaster oven, and I let Owen play with it, with the new dishes of course. Today he is having a difficult time realizing that the toaster oven is not a toy. I made him a play toaster oven out of the box, but when he realized it was not like the real thing, he burst into tears all over again. Then he played with it until it got smashed several times and he burst into tears again.

Owen got a toy combine and a tractor mat. He had been playing with the mat while I was making it. It wasn't the hit I was hoping it would be. Oh well. Just my ego. He played with it a few minutes this morning.


krista said...

You are going to bring the H pillow along, aren't you?

Sherri said...

The cookies look awesome!

So fun to see a glimpse of your famiy Christmas. I'm sure Owen will grow to love his little farm mat. It is adorable!

See you soon! Safe traveling!

Carrie said...

Good job on the kid's Christmas gifts.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm - I was just wondering - where are MY cookies?

salivate. drool. slurp.

joy said...

I'm always quite impressed with how many projects you're able to acomplish even with little munchkins around. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Wow. . the cookies look fabulous!! Maybe I need to head out to mom's and plunder for some leftovers. The pillow and tractor mat are very cute, and I'm impressed you finished them in your busy week. Hope ya'll have a great time with your family!! Jan

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday! I love that tractor there, Owen! Miss you all! Joanne

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